Pierre Jarrault

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This paper focuses on the problem of robust obstacles crossing for a high mobility wheel-legged robot. To improve the obstacle clearance capability, a method dealing with the contact stability optimization is developed. A specific stability criterion taking the friction into account is proposed. The optimization algorithm uses both the kinematic redundancy(More)
This paper deals with the clearance capabilities of mobile robots in rough terrain. A way of using kinematic reconfigurability is proposed to allow the crossing of obstacle that would normally be impossible by choosing a configuration that will guaranty static equilibrium. The control uses force control on the legs and try to decrease the internal forces(More)
This paper deals with the problem of frontal obstacle crossing by a poly-articulated wheeled robot. We focus on the particular architecture of hybrid wheel-legged robots that are redundantly actuated systems. In this paper, experimental results that show the climbing capabilities of such system when crossing large obstacle are presented. We focus on the(More)
La robotique de service est un domainé emergent o` u il est nécessaire de commander des robots en interaction forte avec leur environnement. Ce travail présente une méthode adaptative de commande combinant de l'ap-prentissage de modèles de la mécaniquè a de la commande dans l'espace opérationnel de robots redondants. L'apprentissage des modèles cinématiques(More)
The paper develops a method for analyzing and improving by control obstacle clearance capacities of articulated multi-wheeled rovers. On uneven ground surface, load and traction force distributions through the wheel/ground contact system are highly coupled. They are both conditioned by the global equilibrium of the mechanical system and the contact(More)
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