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Epilepsy is a common neurological condition with significant resource implications. An estimation was performed in France of the direct medical cost of patients presented with newly diagnosed seizures and followed during the first two years after diagnosis. This estimation was based on the service utilization data collected from French prospective cohort(More)
In the context of cognitive radio or military applications, it is a crucial task to distinguish blindly various OFDM based systems (e.g., Wifi, Wimax, 3GPP/LTE, DVB-T) from each others. Existing OFDM based systems differ from their subcarrier spacing used in OFDM modulation. One can thus carry out recognition algorithms based on the value of the subcarrier(More)
We propose in this paper a detection algorithm based on a cost function that jointly tests the correlation induced by the cyclic prefix and the fact that this correlation is time-periodic. In the first part of the paper, the cost function is introduced and some analytical results are given. In particular, the noise and multipath channel impacts on its(More)
— An opportunistic radio is a radio able to detect the spectrum unused bands, and to adapt its transmission parameters in order to transmit within these free bands. An opportunistic terminal has also to be able to detect opportunistic access points and to recognize their used standards. As most standards are now based on OFDM modulation with distinct(More)
A graph based classifier is proposed to recognize the different time phases of the up & go test based on signals collected by an inertial sensor set on a person chest. This test being a sequential set of actions, a graph is used to model it and enforce the classification algorithm to estimate a solution with this constraint. The graph is described by a(More)
  • Pierre Jallon
  • 2008
In this contribution, we propose a spread signal detector based on the averaged-power of its autocorrelation function. A cost function that tests this property is build and some results are given on its estimation. We also explain how to use it to detect signals in SISO and SIMO cases. We conclude this paper with some numerical estimation of the proposed(More)
In this contribution, we provide a simple condition on the statistics of the source signals ensuring that the Comon algorithm [2], originally designed for stationary data, achieves the separation of an instantaneous mixture of cyclostationary sources. The above condition is analyzed for digital communications signals and is (semi-analytically) proved to be(More)
BACKGROUND To determine the incidence, risk factors, and case fatality rate of status epilepticus (SE) in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. METHODS Between October 1, 1997 and September 30, 1998 all cases of SE referred to all the hospitals in the six cantons of the French-speaking part of Switzerland were identified by physicians working in(More)
Seizures are one of the most common neurological symptoms that occur in infancy and childhood. They represent many different disorders with many different causes. Neonatal seizures occur in ~1.5% of neonates, febrile seizures in 2-4% of young children, and epilepsy in up to 1% of children and adolescents. Seizures provoked by other acute insults such as(More)