Pierre J M Van Espen

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The aim of this study is to show the usefulness of robust multiple regression techniques implemented in the expectation maximization framework in order to model successfully data containing missing elements and outlying objects. In particular, results from a comparative study of partial least squares and partial robust M-regression models implemented in the(More)
X-ray radiographic images of paintings often show little or no contrast. In order to increase the contrast in radiographic images we measured the X-ray spectrum of a low power X-ray tube, after passing through the painting, with a high energy-resolution SDD detector. To obtain images, the detector is collimated with a 400 μm diameter pinhole and the(More)
The objective of this study was exploration of the potential, offered by the laser microprobe mass spectrometer (LAMMA), for the in situ localization of organic targets in embedded tissues by means of structurally relevant ions. A series of model systems was designed to evaluate stepwise the analytical problems involved. A preliminary screening pointed to(More)
An automated particle analysis routine is implemented on an electron microprobe for analyzing the chemical composition and projective area of populations of individual silver halide microcrystals. An LN2 cryostage is used to prevent material degradation due to reaction with the impinging electron beam. The background in the EDX spectra is lowered by(More)
Laser microprobe mass spectrometry has been applied to a variety of organic polyfunctional molecules, covering a wide range of polarity and mass spectrometric behaviour. The technique apparently combines desorption under relatively soft conditions with extensive fragmentation and hence allows much structural information from intactly released thermolabiles(More)
The quantitative analytical characteristics of a camera-based detection system for secondary ion microscopy are studied in detail. Through multiple exposures, ion images with large dynamic ranges are obtained. The quantification of these images by the sensitivity factor method and the matrix ion species ratio method is described and evaluated by the(More)
Laser microprobe mass analysis (LAMMA) was used for the structural characterization of polyfunctional drugs and their oxygenated metabolites, in particular the N-oxides. The spectra usually yield the molecular weight as well as intense fragments. The structural information is characteristically distributed between the positive and negative ions. To(More)
A method for the classification of individual aerosol particles into one of two main groups, namely, fly ash and soil dust, is presented. It is based on the calculation of the fractal dimensions of the images of the particles obtained with the computer-controlled scanning electron microscopy. The risk of an improper determination of the fractal dimension is(More)
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