Pierre-Jérôme Bergeron

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Mixed Poisson models are often used for the design of clinical trials involving recurrent events since they provide measures of treatment effect based on rate and mean functions and accommodate between individual heterogeneity in event rates. Planning studies based on these models can be challenging when there is a little information available on the(More)
For accompanying actions to pollution crisis management of recreational waters, rapid methods providing a quantified faecal indicator which can be completed in less than half a day, are currently needed. Two sensitive rRNA-targeted Reverse Transcription-quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) methods were developed for quantifying Escherichia coli and Enterococcus spp.(More)
Methods of estimation and inference about survival distributions based on length-biased samples are well-established. Comparatively little attention has been given to the assessment of covariate effects in the context of length-biased samples, but prevalent cohort studies often have this objective. We show that, like the survival distribution, the covariate(More)
Statistical analyses for small populations or small domains of interest can be challenging. To obtain reliable estimates, only very large surveys such as the Canadian Community Health Survey can be considered. However, despite its good geographical and temporal coverage, the analysis of small populations in smaller regions (e.g., health regions) and in(More)
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