Pierre Henri Rolland

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Prostaglandin (PG) production by human breast cancers was investigated in 91 lesions selected so that the distribution of histologic type was similar to that of the general population of mammary carcinomas. With regard to the shape characteristics of the tumors, PG production was higher in lesions classified T1 and T2 than in lesions classified T3 and T4(More)
PURPOSE Evidence is emerging that the abrupt compliance mismatch that exists at the junction between the stent ends and the host arterial wall disturbs both the vascular hemodynamics and the natural wall stress distribution. These stent-induced alterations are greatly reduced by smoothing the compliance mismatch between the stent and host vessel. A stent(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the long-term effect of local, liposome-mediated gene transfer of C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) plasmid versus CNP protein on restenosis in porcine renal arteries following balloon angioplasty. METHODS The renal arteries of 15 pigs were dilated and the adventitia at the site of balloon injury injected with CNP protein, pCR3.1(More)
BACKGROUND Restenosis is still a significant clinical problem limiting the long-term therapeutic success following balloon dilation or stent implantation. New approaches are necessary inhibiting neointima formation and simultaneously promoting re-endothelialization. Therefore, long-term therapeutic effects of adventitial liposome-mediated C-type natriuretic(More)
To investigate the basic characteristics of PG synthesis by human breast tumors, we have examined the relationship that could exist between the PG production and the morphological, cellular and biochemical characteristics which actually constitute the criteria of diagnosis and prognosis of human breast cancer. The results that are discussed here show that(More)
The technological features of multiple and simultaneous assays of steroid receptors (estrogen and progestagens) have been considered in human mammary carcinomas. Most of the parameters involved in the accuracy and the fiability of S-R determination have been investigated : the stability of S-R proteins (collection and storage of sample, cytosol preparation(More)
Histopathologic features (tumor cell density, histological type, and histoprognostic grade) were analyzed in 314 breast cancers investigated for estrogen (E) and progestin (P) receptors (R). The presence of PR is associated with the presence of ER. A relationship was found between the acinoductal differentiation of the lesions and the presence of SR: the(More)