Pierre Hadjiisky

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To determine the effect of the duration and severity of hypertension on arterial wall metabolism 28 enzyme activities and several macromolecular complexes were histochemically studied in normotensive (WK), moderately (SHR) and strongly hypertensive (SP-SHR) rats at various ages. The results indicate that the abnormalities of 5' nucleotidase, acid esterase,(More)
The ultrastructural aspects of cartilaginous and osseous foci developed in aorta of rabbits immunized against rat aorta homogenates was studied. Besides normal and modified smooth muscle cells, various types of transformed mediacytes were observed in and around these foci: some of them resembled connective and young mesenchymatous cells, others had the(More)
Cartilaginous and/or osseous foci were observed in eight aortas from 20 rabbits immunized against heterologous aorta homogenates and sacrificed 11 to 24 months later. They were studied by means of histological and histochemical methods and compared with normal aortas, cartilage and bone. Some of the observed changes seemed to be true markers of these(More)
In order to define metabolic profiles of smooth muscle cell (SMC) modulation, 16 enzyme activities linked to nucleotide hydrolysis, lipolysis, lysosomal reactivity and intermediate glucose catabolism were compared in four rat arterial models, exhibiting four metabolic phenotypes of modulated smooth muscle cells: (i) "primary synthetic" statein immature(More)
Experimental approaches to the problem of atherosclerosis involve animal or cellular models and procedures of lesional induction. Relevant animal models are rare. The rat, the mouse and the dog are free of "natural" atherosclerosis and only develop diffuse lipidosis after high cholesterol diet and thyroid block. They are more appropriate models of(More)
Benfluorex is a clinical lipid-lowering agent with antihyperglycemic properties. The effect of long-term oral treatment (10 mg/kg/day for 7.5 months) on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and aortic morphology was investigated in 24 insulin-resistant sand rats receiving a standard laboratory diet supplemented with cholesterol (2%). Untreated controls (n=34)(More)
The effects of a 12-week endurance training programme (treadmill) upon the passive and the noradrenaline-activated properties of the aorta were studied in 15 trained and 24 sedentary rats. Aortic compliance was studied by measuring the length-tension curves of rings of the descending aorta without (passive properties) and with noradrenaline (noradrenaline(More)
48 rats were placed on an hyperlipidic diet (cholesterol, cholic acid, cholin, propylthiouracil), 23 were sacrificed at various intervals from the fourth up to the twelve month of the experiment. In the remaining 25 rats, the atherogenic regimen was replaced by a normal one. These animals were sacrificed one to twenty months after the withdrawal of the(More)
The histological, ultrastructural and permeability aspects of the intima in 60 70-week-old spontaneously hypertensive (SHR) and Wistar Kyoto normotensive (WK) rats were studied and compared. The intima of aorta, coronary and renal arteries was unequally thickened owing to the smooth muscle cell (SMC) migration and proliferation, blood cell immigration and(More)