Pierre Guez

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Use of cardiopulmonary support (CPS) by peripheral access with a membrane oxygenator has made considerable progress as a result of the development of centrifugal pumps, percutaneous cannulation, and preheparinized circuits. We have used CPS for resuscitation in 3 cases, for recovery after cardiotomy in 6 cases (myocardial insufficiency, 4; pulmonary(More)
The use of the term "litigation neurosis"--a condition with controversial clinical significance--might correspond to the expression for a difficult physician-patient relationship. The characteristics of patients with a DSM-III-R diagnosis of somatoform pain disorder who had been labeled "litigation neurosis" by their physicians were explored. Among 74(More)
In order to determine the prognosis of reoperation for valvular replacement, we reviewed the results of a consecutive series of 124 patients operated in the department between 1974 and 1992 (163 multi redo operations). There were 69 women and 55 men, with a mean age 48 years; 77% of the patients were in functional class III or IV. Operations were performed(More)
The quality policy brings with it an efficient method as well as relevant tools to improve transfusion safety in health care services. This article illustrates the details of the approach through the presentation of a project developed in the East Picardie region throughout several hospitals. It underlines the importance of the choice of a good reference(More)
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