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Airborne laser scanner technique is broadly the most appropriate way to acquire rapidly and with high density 3D data over a city. Once the 3D Lidar data are available, the next task is the automatic data processing, with major aim to construct 3D building models. Among the numerous automatic reconstruction methods, the techniques allowing the detection of(More)
Following the development of 3D data acquisition techniques like digital photogrammetry, remote sensing and airborne laser scanning, the automatic building modelling is still a challenging task. Indeed, it takes a growing place in many research fields like 3D city modelling, cartographic analysis, urban planning, visualization and Geographic Information(More)
—Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) interferometric data offer the opportunity to measure temperate glacier surface topography and displacement. The increase of the resolution provided by the most recent SAR systems has some critical implications. For instance, a reliable estimate of the phase gradient can only be achieved by using interferogram local(More)
— More and more cities are looking for service providers able to deliver 3D city models in a short time. Airborne laser scanning techniques make it possible to acquire a three-dimensional point cloud leading almost instantaneously to Digital Surface Models (DSM), but these models are far from a topological 3D model needed by geographers or land surveyors.(More)
In the last decade, RGB-D cameras-also called range imaging cameras-have known a permanent evolution. Because of their limited cost and their ability to measure distances at a high frame rate, such sensors are especially appreciated for applications in robotics or computer vision. The Kinect v1 (Microsoft) release in November 2010 promoted the use of RGB-D(More)
Experiences and recent developments of a WEB application dedicated to digital photogrammetry are presented. The aim of the ARPENTEUR project (as Architectural PhotogrammEtry Network Tool for EdUcation and Research) is to propose a photogrammetric concept and software embedded in Web technology and Java programming language. Photogrammetry and 3D modeling(More)
Combining airborne photographs and spaceborne SAR data to monitor temperate glaciers. HAL is a multidisciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research documents, whether they are published or not. The documents may come from teaching and research institutions in France or abroad, or from public or private research(More)
Cultural heritage documentation projects very often combine different acquisition methods as tacheometry, photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning. In this paper we compare these three methods for recording of heritage buildings. Our test object is the medieval castle of Haut-Andlau (Alsace, France), documented in 2006-2008. This castle is of(More)