Pierre Grussenmeyer

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—Monitoring temperate glacier activity has become more and more necessary for economical and security reasons and as an indicator of the local effects of global climate change. Remote sensing data provide useful information on such complex geophysical objects, but they require specific processing techniques to cope with the difficult context of moving and(More)
—Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) interferometric data offer the opportunity to measure temperate glacier surface topography and displacement. The increase of the resolution provided by the most recent SAR systems has some critical implications. For instance, a reliable estimate of the phase gradient can only be achieved by using interferogram local(More)
In the last decade, RGB-D cameras-also called range imaging cameras-have known a permanent evolution. Because of their limited cost and their ability to measure distances at a high frame rate, such sensors are especially appreciated for applications in robotics or computer vision. The Kinect v1 (Microsoft) release in November 2010 promoted the use of RGB-D(More)
In this paper, we focus on the construction of a full 3D model of a canal tunnel by combining terrestrial laser (for its above-water part) and sonar (for its underwater part) scans collected from static acquisitions. The modeling of such a structure is challenging because the sonar device is used in a narrow environment that induces many artifacts.(More)
The archaeological cave « Les Fraux » (Saint-Martin-de-Fressengeas, Dordogne) forms a great network of galleries, characterized by the exceptional richness of its archaeological Bronze Age remains such as domestic fireplaces, ceramic and metal deposits, fingerings incised in the clayey-walls. The cave has been closed according to the collapse of its(More)
Cultural heritage documentation induces the use of computerized techniques to manage and preserve the information produced. Geographical information systems have proved their potentialities in this scope, but they are not always adapted for the management of features at the scale of a particular archaeological site. Moreover, computer applications in(More)
Monitoring temperate glaciers activity becomes more and more necessary for economical and security reasons and as an indicator of the local effects of global changes. This paper presents the beginning of a three year project which regroups four laboratories to develop and combine specific methods to extract information from optical and radar remote sensing(More)
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