Pierre Grand

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OBJECTIVES To describe the long-term effects of Hylan GF-20 viscosupplementation in patients with knee osteoarthritis and to identify factors predicting efficacy. METHODS One hundred and fifty-five patients (80 women and 75 men; mean age, 69 years) with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis each received three intraarticular Hylan GF-20 injections.(More)
The result is given of test cavity measurements of a 500 MHz disk and washer structure which will be used for the TRISTAN electron storage ring, where the shunt impedance is required to be higher than 35 M¿/m. While the calculated shunt impedance is 44.8 M¿/m, the measurement indicates that 40.0 M¿/m is attainable with a single radial stem for the washer(More)
The study of radiation damage to materials used to build containers for a fusion reactor requires a beam of neutrons with energy peaked at 14 MeV and with a total flux of 2 1014 neutrons/cm2 sec in order to carry out tests in a reasonable time scale. This report describes a Deuteron Linear Accelerator, utilizing an Alvarez structure, which is designed to(More)
Two major problems face the nuclear industry today; first is the long-term supply of fissile material and second is the disposal of long-lived fission product waste. The high energy proton linear accelerator can assist in the solution of each of these problems. High energy protons from the linear accelerator can interact with a molten lead target to produce(More)
Despite the growing pains of the US nuclear power industry, our dependence on nuclear energy for the production of electricity and possibly process heat is likely to increase dramatically over the next few decades. This statement dismisses fusion as being entirely too speculative to be practical within that time frame. Presently, Light-Water nuclear(More)
The rising costs of U235 and other fossil fuels, and the schedule for implementing the breeder reactor have renewed interest in the utilization of accelerators for breeding U233 or Pu239. This paper discusses some of the basic accelerator parameters and choices to be made in order to meet the technical and economic requirements of such a facility.
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