Pierre Ginies

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OBJECTIVES Conduct a literature review on the organization models for the chronic neuropathic pain management of spinal cord injury (SCI) patients. METHODS Bibliographical research on Medline based on the following keywords: chronic neuropathic pain in spinal cord injury-comprehensive management-multidisciplinary approaches. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION No(More)
The relationship between patients and clinicians is a key element in the management of chronic diseases. With the objective of a more efficient communication, the clinician should know his own personality but also the patient personality. The organisation of the consultation, of the waiting room and of the secretary has to facilitate this relationship. The(More)
Evaluation of pain in otolaryngology diseases is indispensable in treating patients. Parallel to the etiological diagnosis of otolaryngology disease, a clinical diagnosis of the pain must be made to determine the weighting of the three causes of pain involved in any acute or chronic condition: the component of nociceptive, neurogenic, and psychofunctional(More)
Lubricant selection is based on several lubricant properties to satisfied compressor and system reliability, longevity and energy efficiency performances. The use of non-miscible or low soluble lubricant can bring some technical advantage for the compressor and the system. This paper presents investigations results on low GWP refrigerant alternatives for(More)
This paper presents the results of scroll compressor tests conducted in order to establish pressure-volume diagrams. Two compressors were thinly instrumented with pressure and displacement sensors so as to follow the whole compression process, from suction to exhaust. A gear coder was set to record the opening of gas pockets, and to study the speed(More)
  • Pierre Ginies, Guillaume Rebiere, +4 authors Jean Guillaume CHEURLIN
  • 2016
This paper presents the results of investigations on Low Global Warming Potential refrigerants and R290 solubility with different lubricants. Solubility impacts a lot the final lubricant-refrigerant mixture reaching the bearing lubricant inlet and in the same way can impact compressor reliability on wet vapor flowing back to compressor inlet Experimental(More)
The purpose of the work is to describe technology used to design a scroll compressor with R32 refrigerant. Study what are the main differences and their implications compared to R410A refrigerant scroll compressors. And also study from mechanical scroll compressor design point of view up to its system integration, what are the main design changes taken in(More)
Announcement of a chronic disease, always, is a difficult task in the physician professional activity. For glaucoma, its possible impact on their vision and quality of life are a source of anxiety for most patients. The message should be simple and comprehensible, but accurate, to ensure long term compliance to follow-up and treatment. Announcement should(More)
Fibromyalgia has been known by French rheumatologists for more than 15 years. However, only recently have teaching and basic, clinical and epidemiological research been developed on this topic in France. Management of the fibromyalgia patient should benefit from this recent evolution, all the more so since the French government took action to facilitate the(More)
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