Pierre Gautreau

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Computing scattering rates of electrons and phonons stands at the core of studies of electron transport properties. In the high field regime, the interactions between all electron bands with all phonon bands need to be considered. This full band interaction implies a huge computational burden in calculating scattering rates. In this study, a new accelerated(More)
Articles you may be interested in Strain on field effect transistors with single–walled–carbon nanotube network on flexible substrate Electrical and lattice vibrational behaviors of graphene devices on flexible substrate under small mechanical strain Appl. Accurate density functional calculations for the phonon dispersion relations of carbon nanotubes AIP(More)
Since the appearance of Spatial Data Infrastructure several years ago, there has been a tremendous increase in spatial data available on the Internet. This situation raises several research issues, in terms of identifying the content actually accessible via this medium and its impact on governance and local authority management. Our study proposes a mixed(More)
Studying the creation of administrations charged with devising land registers in the newly independent countries of Spanish-speaking America allows one to take an original view of statebuilding in these territories throughout the nineteenth century through models of ‘‘territorial knowledge’’-building. The case of the ‘‘Topographic Department’’ of the Buenos(More)