Pierre Gaudebout

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OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) symptoms in women and to evaluate the severity of these symptoms and resulting functional impairment with regard to urinary symptoms, quality of life (QoL) impairment, medical care seeking, and care facilities. METHODS A national population based, cross-sectional study in France(More)
BACKGROUND Due to physical and psychological impairments, elderly patients residing in homes are often unable to participate in studies on satisfaction with care services. While their regular visitors provide interesting information, patient-visitor response concordance requires study. Our objective was to measure patient-visitor agreement on quality of(More)
We report the study of one CD4+ T-cell clone that recognizes peptide HA306-320 in the context of autologous DR1101 molecules as well as of allogeneic DR1301, DR0402, DR1501, and DR1601 molecules. This degenerate T-cell recognition is mediated by a single T-cell receptor (TCR) as judged by both TCR-V beta sequencing and cold-target competition assays.(More)
BACKGROUND Common mental health problems are mainly treated in primary care settings and collaboration with mental health services is needed. Prior to re-organisation of the mental health care offer in a geographical area, a study was organized: 1) to evaluate GPs' opinions on their day-to-day practice with Patients with Mental Health Problems (PMHP) and on(More)
PURPOSE (1) To identify factors associated with the choice among the three atypical antipsychotics available in France (amisulpride, olanzapine, risperidone) and the typical antipsychotic of reference: (haloperidol), (2) to compare psychotropic co-prescription rates according to antipsychotic. METHODS All antipsychotic prescriptions including at least one(More)
8055 Background: Iatrogenic pain is a concern for oncologists, especially pain related to diagnostic or therapeutic procedures which are numerous and repeated for cancer pts. In most instances these examinations are planned, therefore pain-preventing protocols could be used. METHODS the aim of our study was to promote the use of these protocols as GCP and(More)
We tested the hypothesis that a cross-reactive T-cell clone could recognize HA306-320 peptide complexed to autologous HLA-DR1101, and also to allogenic HLA-DR0402 and HLA-DR1301 molecules, because of similar orientations of HA306-320 side chains in the groove of the three DR molecules. To approach peptide orientations in each HLA groove we compared the(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the medical care, staff attitudes and patients' satisfaction from the decision to the post-intervention medical visit for termination of pregnancy for fetal abnormalies. PATIENTS AND METHODS All patients and their spouses having a termination of pregnancy at the "Unite de Medecine Foetale" in Port-Royal Hospital between November 1996(More)
To identify HLA-DR-binding peptides within the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 proteins. 95 overlapping synthetic peptides representing the entire sequence of gp120-LAI were screened for their capacity to bind to two HLA-DR molecules with distant sequences (DR0401 and DR1101). By using a cell surface competitive binding assay, 56 DR-binding peptides(More)
To get further insight into the role of three polymorphic DR residues located in one alpha-helix of the HLA-DR binding groove, we studied how natural substitutions at positions 67, 71, and 86 on DR11 molecules influence MHC binding and/or T cell recognition of peptide HA306-320 and of monosubstituted peptide analogues. Our results show that: 1) Reactivities(More)
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