Pierre Gambarotto

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We propose an algorithm providing an abstract representation of any polygonal object O in terms of spheres. The result is a graph-based skeleton capturing the general shape of O and its inner structure (respective positions of convex parts and their thickness). We define a first-order logic language expressing in a qualitative way the needed notions(More)
The method presented in this paper aims to reduce the computational costs of some kinds of navigation in a world with obstacles. We give algorithms to capture the logical structure of an object given a polygonal representation of it. Then these algorithms are used in conjunction with the notion of functional granularity to handle navigation of a moving(More)
This paper describes a method for constructing an abstract representation of a shape from a classical polyhedral 3D representation of an object. This framework is suitable for qualitative reasoning. As an application we use this abstract representation to compute the structural symmetries of a 3D polyhedron. The starting point of the computation is a(More)
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