Pierre Gambarotto

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ESUP-Portail ESUP-Portail is a consortium of French Universities. Its goal is to provide a complete and open solution to Universities and University-level colleges who wish to offer integrated access to their services and information for their students and staff. This includes user data storage and many applications (such as CMS) also needing storage. We(More)
This paper describes a method for constructing an abstract representation of a shape from a classical polyhedral 3D representation of an object. This framework is suitable for qualitative reasoning. As an application we use this abstract representation to compute the structural symmetries of a 3D polyhedron. The starting point of the computation is a(More)
The method presented in this paper aims to reduce the computational costs of some kinds of navigation in a world with obstacles. We give algorithms to capture the logical structure of an object given a polygonal representation of it. Then these algorithms are used in conjunction with the notion of functional granularity to handle navigation of a moving(More)
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