Pierre G. Laurin

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In the search for new ketolides with improved activities against erythromycin-resistant S. pneumoniae and H. influenzae we synthesized a new 11,12 carbamate ketolide substituted by an imidazo-pyridyl side chain: HMR 3647. This compound demonstrated a potent activity against erythromycin susceptible and resistant pathogens, including penicillin(More)
In the search for new antibiotics active against macrolide-resistant pneumococci and Haemophilus influenzae, we synthesized a new class of 3-oxo-6-O-methylerythromycin derivatives, so-called "ketolides". A keto function was introduced in position 3 after removal of L-cladinose, a sugar which has long been thought essential. Further modifications of the(More)
The design, synthesis, and in vitro biological activity of a series of novel coumarin inhibitors of gyrase B is presented. Replacement of the 3-acylamino residue (3-NHCOR) of coumarin drugs with reversed isosteres C(=O)R, C(=N-OR)R', COOR, CONHR and CONHOR leads to highly potent analogues which displayed excellent inhibition of the negative supercoiling of(More)
A new series of coumarin inhibitors of DNA gyrase B bearing a N-propargyloxycarbamate at C-3' of various 5',5'-dialkylnoviose, including RU79115, were synthesised and their antibacterial activities have been delineated. Introduction of dialkyl substituents at 5'5'-position of noviose leads to coumarin analogues with improved in vitro and in vivo(More)
Two series of aminosubstituted coumarins were synthesised and evaluated in vitro as inhibitors of DNA gyrase and as potential antibacterials. Novel novobiocin-like coumarins, 4-(dialkylamino)methylcoumarins and 4-((2-alkylamino)ethoxy)coumarins, were discovered as gyrase B inhibitors with promising antibacterial activity in vitro.
The synthesis and biological profile in vitro of a series of coumarin inhibitors of gyrase B bearing a N-propargyloxycarbamate at C-3' of noviose is presented. Replacement of the 5-methylpyrrole-2-carboxylate of coumarin drugs with an N-propargyloxycarbamate bioisostere leads to analogues with improved antibacterial activity. Analysis of crystal structures(More)
A stochastic cash flow depends on a random outcome. Since insurance and reinsurance contracts in exchange for financial considerations provide financial compensations against random outcomes, their compensations are perfect examples of stochastic cash flows. This paper develops a theory for the valuation of such cash flows from the four principles of(More)
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