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Planar bulk CMOS in subthreshold operation allows an important reduction of the power consumption. This can lead the way to new ultra low-power applications with autonomous devices supplied by energy harvesting techniques. However, subthreshold circuits are more sensitive to threshold voltage variations and require new layout optimizations. We propose a(More)
IcyHeart SoC and all the necessary discrete components and powering circuit. The outcome of the project is expected to generate high market value for the European SMEs developing novel cardio-monitoring products in home and professional environments, and to create high societal impact for several categories of European citizens requiring miniature,(More)
This paper presents a novel sensor front-end circuit that addresses the issues of 1/f noise and distortion in a unique way by using canceling techniques. The proposed front-end is a fully differential transimpedance amplifier (TIA) targeted for current mode electrochemical biosensing applications. In this paper, we discuss the architecture of this canceling(More)
— A low cost autonomous vision system for real-time applications in natural environments has been realized. It encompasses a 160 by 128 pixel 120 dB dynamic range vision sensor performing contrast magnitude and direction computation at the pixel level [1], a BF 533 BlackFin processor, memory and a low data rate RF link usable to communicate the high level(More)
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