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The growing importance of on-board diagnosis for automobiles demands for a close integration of diagnostic tasks in the entire design process. This report describes work carried out to date within the European project " Integrated Design Process for onboard Diagnosis " (IDD). It presents an analysis of the current design process and the model of a new(More)
A new system which automatically sizes and places CMOS analog cells is presented. Unlike most previous works, we have focused on general rules and algorithms which suit any type of operational amplifier. Our approach can be described in three main parts. The first part is a pattern recognize based on electrical considerations which, given a Spice netlist,(More)
A new layout system for analog cells is presented. Unlike most other systems, the problem of interaction is addressed: Our goal is to enable an analog expert to achieve the layout of common analog cells, in less than half a day, the final result being as good as a totally handcrafted layout.The system is divided into two main parts:First, the primitives(More)
This paper presents the Performance management platform of the BETEUS network. Beteus performs multimedia application trials in a testbed based on an ATM WAN interconnection of local ATM nodes. Sophia-Antipolis (F), Lausanne (CH), Zurich (CH), Geneva (CH), and Stockholm (SE) are interconnected over the European ATM Pilot. The BETEUS application platform(More)
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