Pierre-François Baisnée

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MOTIVATION Over sufficiently long windows, complementary strands of DNA tend to have the same base composition. A few reports have indicated that this first-order parity rule extends at higher orders to oligonucleotide composition, at least in some organisms or taxa. However, the scientific literature falls short of providing a comprehensive study of(More)
MOTIVATION DNA structure plays an important role in a variety of biological processes. Different di- and tri-nucleotide scales have been proposed to capture various aspects of DNA structure including base stacking energy, propeller twist angle, protein deformability, bendability, and position preference. Yet, a general framework for the computational(More)
MOTIVATION Interchain beta-sheet (ICBS) interactions occur widely in protein quaternary structures, interactions between proteins and protein aggregation. These interactions play a central role in many biological processes and in diseases ranging from AIDS and cancer to anthrax and Alzheimer's. RESULTS We have created a comprehensive database of ICBS(More)
MOTIVATION The primary function of DNA is to carry genetic information through the genetic code. DNA, however, contains a variety of other signals related, for instance, to reading frame, codon bias, pairwise codon bias, splice sites and transcription regulation, nucleosome positioning and DNA structure. Here we study the relationship between the genetic(More)
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