Pierre Fouché

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Bridges are often built in locations susceptible to multiple extreme hazards. Meeting some or all of these constraints drives the development of innovative multi-hazard design concepts. This paper presents the results of research conducted to develop and experimentally validate such multi-hazard bridge pier concepts. The first concept is a pier-bent made of(More)
Concrete-Filled Steel Plate Sandwich Walls (CFSP Sandwich Walls) can provide a cost-effective alternative to regular reinforced concrete shear wall construction, with faster construction time. As a result, combined with its recognized multi-hazard resistant properties, this composite system has the potential to transform seismic design in many applications.(More)
Advanced finite element techniques are used to investigate the multi-hazard (earthquake and blast) performance of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes (CFSTs) and Concrete Filled Double Skinned Tubes (CFDSTs) for bridge engineering applications. Specimens of both sections are analyzed using the finite element package LS-DYNA under similar seismic and blast loading.(More)
The importance of alkaloids and heterosides extracted from plants is clearly established. A specialised industry makes them available to drug companies by means of technological processes which now make a wide range of extractions possible. Due to the large investments in equipment and raw materials, the procedures and processes must be optimised so that(More)
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