Pierre-Felix Breton

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Shock wave elim-ination/reduction by optimal coordination of variable speed limits, " Proceed-Abstract—We present a model predictive control (MPC) approach to optimally coordinate variable speed limits for highway traffic. The basic idea is that dynamic speed limits can create traffic conditions where shock waves can damp out faster. The control objective(More)
This paper compares daylight simulation results generated with two simulation programs, 3ds Max ® Design 2009 and Daysim 3.0, to indoor illuminance measurements in a sidelit space. The sidelit space was in a single location, but was configured with five fenestration and glazing options, and operated under a variety of sky conditions. Both programs were(More)
The haematopoietic system is sensitive to cytotoxic damage and is often the site of dose-limiting toxicity. We previously reported that swainsonine, an inhibitor of protein glycosylation, reduced the bone marrow toxicity resulting from a single dose of anticancer drugs in otherwise healthy mice. However, more important questions are (1) can swainsonine(More)
The goals of mandibular distraction are to restore a normal length but also a normal shape to the hypoplastic mandible. These two goals are related to the elongation vector which is itself related to the location of the cortictomy and of the device. Other factors influence this elongation vector. So it is impossible to precisely predict the elongation(More)
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