Pierre Feillet

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It has been reported that caroubin, a protein mixture obtained from carob seeds, has rheological properties similar to those of gluten. Comparative studies of the effects of hydration and temperature on caroubin and gluten were carried out with the aid of NMR, FTIR, scanning electron microscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry techniques. The results(More)
Cloud offers numerous technical middleware services such as databases, caches, messaging systems, and storage but very few business middleware services as first tier managed services. Business middleware such as business process management, business rules, operational decision management, content management and business analytics, if deployed in a cloud(More)
Two peroxidases A and B were purified from a borate buffer extract (pH = 10,4) of durum wheat semolina (Triticum durum), var. Bidi 17, by chromatography on DEAE-cellulose, salting out by 3M ammonium sulphate and two chromatographies on CM-cellulose; specific activities of peroxidase A or B were increased 114 or 66 fold. Molecular weight, amino acid(More)
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