Pierre-Eric Bernard

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This paper describes Paj e, an interactive visualization tool for displaying the execution of parallel applications where a potentially large number of communicating threads of various lifetimes execute on each node of a distributed memory parallel system. Paj e is capable of representing a wide variety of interactions between threads. The main(More)
This paper aims to describe the implementation of TAKAKAW, an efficient parallel application for the simulation of molecular dynamics designed to handle large proteins in biology. The implementation is based on the multi-threading parallel programming environment, called ATHAPASCAN 1 which allows to implement and evaluate easily several load-balancing(More)
Automated data classification is an indispensable tool in Drug Design. It allows to select homogeneous training sets or to distinguish compounds with required biological properties. The Kohonen Neural Networks (KNN) suggest new means for classification of biologically interesting compounds. In this paper, first, capabilities of KNN in data dimensionality(More)
Ophthalmologic adverse effects of bisphosphonate therapy are infrequent and of unclear pathogenesis. The most common has been anterior uveitis, of which 18 cases have been reported. Onset was within 24 to 48 hours after infusion initiation, and both eyes were affected in most patients. The outcome was favorable within a few days after bisphosphonate(More)