Pierre Descamps

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BACKGROUND Obesity or increased body mass index (BMI) has been shown to have two important adverse effects related to breast cancer. First, several studies have identified an association between increased BMI and advanced stage breast cancer. Second, increased BMI has been shown to be associated with poorer prognosis. In a previous report, we had identified(More)
We report preliminary results of a three year follow-up of ten children affected with apparently isolated corpus callosum agenesis (prenatal diagnosis). This population was collected from a multicenter prospective study: annual survey included physical examination, developmental outcome and psychometric evaluation. Febril convulsions appeared to be more(More)
Pregnancy induces numerous changes in the physiology of the woman. Those changes are necessary for the embryo and fetus to have a normal growth, and for the woman to adapt to that physiologic event. A 50% raised cardiac flow is the consequence of increased systolic flow and cardiac frequency. Blood volume is about 40% larger than in non-pregnant woman. It(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in investigating fetal cerebral lesions induced by long term exposure to cocaine during sheep pregnancy. Cerebral Magnetic Resonance Imaging was performed on two groups of fetuses at 125 days of gestation (normal gestation: 145 days). The control group consisted of eight(More)
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