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The respiratory system, that is the set of compartments interposed between the cells and the environment, is best studied among mammals. Across the compartments there exist net fluxes of O2 and CO2, the intensities of which depend on the animal's size. In steady state, at rest, the relation between O2 flux and body size has the form of an allometric(More)
A new technique based on stopping the chick embryo's blood circulation in the intact egg was used to measure in situ the chorioallantoic (CA) oxygen consumption, MCAO2, from incubation day 12 to 20. Total egg MO2, MTOTO2, and wet and dry masses of embryo and CA were also measured daily. Embryo MO2, MEMBO2, was calculated. Mean MCAO2 decreased from 71 mumol(More)
Water conservation is crucial for terrestrial animals such as scorpions which generally live in xeric habitats. One route of water loss is evaporation from their book lungs. In order to save water, scorpions may have a high resistance to gas exchange with the environment. If this is so then the partial pressure of CO2 in their hemolymph, PCO2, must be high.(More)