Pierre Coquille

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In advanced applications such as digital radar, Ultra Wide Bandwidth communications and software defined radio, the need for wide instantaneous bandwidth often drives system design decisions. Broadband 12 Bit ADC's (Analogue to Digital Converters) are key enabling components which open up new design opportunities for digital Receiver systems. In this(More)
Designers of Microwave systems are constantly looking for DACs which provide not only Nyquist zones larger than 2.5 GHz but which also offer flat frequency response in these large instantaneous bandwidths, and in addition which also generate these signals with a centre frequency that is in the frequency band of interest. The component's performance can have(More)
The ability of the new generation of Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)s to convert from a digital signal directly into high frequency bands can be seen as a large leap in capability allowing greater system flexibility, reduction in component footprint and power consumption. This paper presents a new high speed, high bandwidth Digital to Analog Converter(More)
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