Pierre Conne

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AIMS To evaluate the distribution of plantar pressure during walking on a level gradient in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus without any microvascular and macrovascular complications and to compare them with non-diabetic control subjects. METHODS A group of 15 patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus without either peripheral neuropathy or peripheral(More)
The safety and immunogenicity of a commercial trivalent subunit influenza vaccine and an experimental virosome-formulated influenza vaccine were evaluated among geriatric patients in a double-blind, randomized manner. The virosome vaccine was produced by incorporating hemagglutinin (HA) into the membrane of liposomes composed of phosphatidylcholine. Both(More)
This one-day prevalence survey of 1919 patients (74% females and 44% aged greater than or equal to 85 years) in nine geriatric hospitals, six of them located in France and three in Switzerland, indicated a high prevalence of infections in elderly institutionalized patients (infection rate: 18.7% in males and 15.4% in females). The risk factors for infection(More)
Spatial neglect is a neurological condition characterized by a breakdown of spatial cognition contralateral to hemispheric damage. Deficits in spatial attention toward the contralesional side are considered to be central to this syndrome. Brain lesions typically involve right fronto-parietal cortices mediating attentional functions and subcortical(More)
UNLABELLED Standard recommendations for the clinical management of patient with ALS have been edited in recent years. These documents emphasise the importance of patient's autonomy. AIM OF STUDY To measure how these different recommendations can be applied in the context of a general hospital without a specific ALS clinic. METHODS Review of medical(More)
In November 1984, because of an accident at a chemical plant, the population of a large area in the town of Geneva, Switzerland, was exposed to toxic bromine gas during several hours at concentrations above the short-term exposure limit. We describe the development of the disaster, the reactions of the fire brigade, the police and the first aid services as(More)