Pierre Combes

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Using an individual panel data on Italian workers we look at the spatial distribution of wages among provinces. Even when controlling for individual characteristics and differences in local production structure we find evidence of both urbanization externalities and market potential. Although these two forces are, to some extent, not separately identifiable(More)
" MSCs to express service requirements as properties on an SDL model: application to service interaction detection " " Introducing formal notations in the development of object-based distributed applications " Círculo Español para la Calidad en Telecomunicación (CEICAT) 1996 " Un enfoque para la formalización del desarrollo de aplicaciones distribuidas(More)
We apply the language of live sequence charts (LSCs) and the Play-Engine tool to a real-world complex telecommunication service. The service, called Depannage, allows a user to make a phone call and ask for help from a doctor, the fire brigade, a car maintenance service, etc. This kind of service is built on top of an embedded platform, using both new and(More)