Pierre-Christophe Bué

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—This paper presents a computer aided model-based test generation method. We propose this approach as a complement to the LTG (Leirios Test Generator) method, which extracts functional tests out of a formal behavioral model M by means of static (or structural) selection criteria. Our method computes additional tests by applying dynamic (or behavioral)(More)
In a model-based testing approach as well as for the verification of properties, B models provide an interesting solution. However, for industrial applications, the size of their state space often makes them hard to handle. To reduce the amount of states, an abstraction function can be used, often combining state variable elimination and domain abstractions(More)
—We present in this paper a technique based on symbolic animation of models that aims at producing model-based tests. In order to guide the animation of the model, we rely on the use of a deterministic finite automaton (DFA) of the model that is built using a well-known learning machine algorithm from Angluin, considering a complex model as a black-box(More)
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