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Christine Sara Minka Minka2
Andrée Robaglia-Schlupp2
Pierre Szepetowski2
2Christine Sara Minka Minka
2Andrée Robaglia-Schlupp
2Pierre Szepetowski
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The rolandic and sylvian fissures divide the human cerebral hemispheres and the adjacent areas participate in speech processing. The relationship of rolandic (sylvian) seizure disorders with speech and cognitive impairments is well known, albeit poorly understood. We have identified the Xq22 gene SRPX2 as being responsible for rolandic seizures (RSs)(More)
This paper describes the sequence of construction of a cell nuclei classi¯cation model by the analysis, the characterization and the classi¯cation of shape and texture. We describe ¯rst the elaboration of dedicated shape indexes and second the construction of the associated classi¯-cation submodel. Then we present a new method of texture characterization,(More)
  • Barbara Royer, Dinesh C Soares, Paul N Barlow, Ronald E Bontrop, Patrice Roll, Andrée Robaglia-Schlupp +5 others
  • 2007
BACKGROUND The X-linked SRPX2 gene encodes a Sushi Repeat-containing Protein of unknown function and is mutated in two disorders of the Rolandic/Sylvian speech areas. Since it is linked to defects in the functioning and the development of brain areas for speech production, SRPX2 may thus have participated in the adaptive organization of such brain regions.(More)
  • Celia Landmann Szwarcwald, Giseli Nogueira Damacena, Aristides Barbosa Júnior, Tatevik Balayan, Amobi Andrew Onovo, Anitza Fragas Quintero +450 others
  • 2008
Posters have become an essential tool for dissemination of study findings at medical meetings. By presenting a quick snapshot, posters can be an effective means of communicating the main findings of the research quickly and of stimulating rewarding exchanges with the people in attendance. Success depends on catching and holding the attention of passing(More)
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