Pierre Carraux

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Close relationships between Merkel cells (MC) and nerve endings (NE) exist in the adult mouse. Because MC may serve as targets for the ingrowth of NE during embryogenesis, the purpose of the present study was to analyze the relationship between MC and NE during embryogenesis. Frozen tissue from whisker pads and backs of NMRI mouse embryos (12-17 d(More)
Several million people are exposed to dioxin and dioxin-like compounds, primarily through food consumption. Skin lesions historically called "chloracne" are the most specific sign of abnormal dioxin exposure and classically used as a key marker in humans. We followed for 5 years a man who had been exposed to the most toxic dioxin,(More)
The transmembrane glycoprotein CD44 is currently thought to be the main cell surface receptor for the glycosaminoglycan hyaluronate. We previously showed that (1) CD44 regulate keratinocyte proliferation; (2) topical retinoids dramatically increase the expression of CD44, hyaluronate and hyaluronate synthase (HAS)s in mouse epidermis; (3) topical(More)
BACKGROUND Skin atrophy is a common manifestation of aging and is frequently accompanied by ulceration and delayed wound healing. With an increasingly aging patient population, management of skin atrophy is becoming a major challenge in the clinic, particularly in light of the fact that there are no effective therapeutic options at present. METHODS AND(More)
A human monoclonal, mu, kappa, cold agglutinin antibody of the rare specificity Pr h (serum and proper eluates) was used in immunofluorescence and immunoperoxidase techniques and in immunoelectron microscopy on rabbit lip specimens. Pr h antibody strongly reacted with scattered cells in epidermis, which were demonstrated to be Merkel cells by electron(More)
BACKGROUND UV irradiation can deplete epidermal vitamin A, thus the hypothesis that UV-induced depletion of vitamin A in sun-exposed skin is involved in the pathogenesis of skin cancers and skin ageing. OBJECTIVES In this study we addressed two questions: (1) Are retinol (ROL) and retinyl esters (RE) - the two predominant forms of vitamin A - equally(More)
Retinyl esters, a storage form of vitamin A, concentrate in the epidermis, and absorb ultraviolet radiation with a maximum at 325 nm. We wondered whether these absorbing properties of retinyl esters might have a biologically relevant filter activity. We first used an in vitro model to assess the photoprotective properties of retinyl palmitate. We then(More)
This is the first ultrastructural description of Merkel cell mitoses. We observed four mitotic cells showing dense cored membrane-bound granules within their cytoplasm, i.e. the unique ultrastructural characteristics of Merkel cells which are not shared by other cutaneous epithelial cell types. These cells were located in vibrissal hair follicles of 12, 13(More)
BACKGROUND Hyaluronic acid (HA) formulations are used for aesthetic applications. Different cross-linking technologies result in HA dermal fillers with specific characteristic visco-elastic properties. OBJECTIVE Bio-integration of three CE-marked HA dermal fillers, a cohesive (monophasic) polydensified, a cohesive (monophasic) monodensified and a(More)