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The respective contributions of taste (saltiness and sweetness) and texture (the hardness dimension) to sensory-specific satiety (SSS) were compared. Sixteen male and 16 female, young, normal-weight adults rated the pleasantness of taste, pleasantness of texture and desire to eat on visual analog scales for eight test foods, were then given one of the foods(More)
AIM To evaluate the usefulness of routine laboratory parameters in the decision to treat refractory cardiac arrest patients with extracorporeal life support (ECLS). METHODS Sixty-six adults with witnessed cardiac arrest of cardiac origin unrelated to poisoning or hypothermia undergoing cardiopulmonary resuscitation without return of spontaneous(More)
TOOKAD (WST09) is a new, long-wavelength palladium bacteriopheophorbide photosensitizer that targets tissue vasculature. The cutaneous phototoxicity of TOOKAD was assessed in normal rat and pig animal models and in patients in a Phase-I trial of TOOKAD-mediated photodynamic therapy (PDT) for recurrent prostate cancer. Controlled skin exposures were(More)
Among the many leafhoppers which we have collected and identified in Morocco, Turkey, Syria and France (Corsica), only the species Neoaliturus haematoceps was found to be infected with Spiroplasma citri. In Syria, this leafhopper was encountered on ornamental stock plants (Matthiola incana L.) in the Oronte valley, and on Salsola kali L., a wild(More)
Palladium-bacteriopheophorbide (WST09), a novel bacteriochlorophyll derivative, is currently being investigated for use as a photodynamic therapy (PDT) drug due to its strong absorption in the near-infrared region and its ability to efficiently generate singlet oxygen when irradiated. In this study, we determined the pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution(More)
AMS-02 is a multi-purpose spectrometer with superconducting magnet, and is designed for 3 years of data taking aboard the International Space Station. Its high performance regarding particle identification and energy measurement will allow performing indirect searches for dark matter (DM) in different channels simultaneously: gamma rays, positrons and(More)
BACKGROUND Despite effective treatments, tuberculosis-related mortality remains high among patients requiring admission to the intensive care unit (ICU). OBJECTIVE To determine prognostic factors of death in tuberculosis patients admitted to the ICU, and to develop a simple predictive scoring system. METHODS A 10-year, retrospective study of 53 patients(More)
In this paper, we will propose a novel technique for Future Opinion Extraction, a new task of Information Extraction. The system we built can extract automatically future opinions, building automatic queries for the Search API. We obtained an F-Measure of 81.8% for the filtering of future opinion candidates. Our method provides future opinions allowing us(More)
Evolution of the percentage of methemoglobine in blood was studied to find a method of conserving samples. It is recommended that blood be frozen rapidly after sampling due to instability of the compound, and that this low temperature be maintained until analysis. Other processes have a limited effectiveness, namely dilutions in aqueous solution of NaCl(More)
The New Caledonia blue shrimp Litopenaeus stylirostris is commercially produced under semiintensive rearing conditions. The size of the farming earthen ponds (5–10 ha) and the subsequent production constraints make it difficult to use them as experimental units for random experiments. Moreover, since every pond has its own characteristics, ponds' effects(More)