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—This paper reports on the fabrication technology and packaging strategy for 300-V 5-A silicon carbide Schottky diodes with a wide temperature operation range capability (between −170 • C and 300 • C). These diodes have been designed for harsh environment space applications such as inner Solar System exploration probes. Different endurance tests have been(More)
A comparison between electrical characteristics of 1.2 kV Si-PiN and 4H-SiC Schottky/JBS rectifiers is presented. The 4H-SiC rectifiers are characterised in the 25degC-300degC range while the Si-PiN is tested up to 200degC due to the Si temperature limitation 4H-SiC rectifiers exhibit superior temperature performances and their design can be adapted to a(More)
• C, the leakage current is only 100 nA and 10 µA for the 3.5-and 1.2-kV diodes, respectively. The switch-off performances show a reverse peak current of only 50% of the nominal current at 300 • C for all JBS diodes. The JBS diodes have a surge current capability of around 80 A, two times higher than the Schottky diodes. DC electrical stresses are performed(More)
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