Pierre Breton

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Actinomycosis is a rare chronic disease caused by Actinomyces spp., anaerobic Gram-positive bacteria that normally colonize the human mouth and digestive and genital tracts. Physicians must be aware of typical clinical presentations (such as cervicofacial actinomycosis following dental focus of infection, pelvic actinomycosis in women with an intrauterine(More)
We reformulate the radiosity equation in terms of the radiance of light rays rather than in terms of pairs of surface facets, and develop an algorithm for solving it using a coordinate evolution on the set of light rays in a scene. There are two key advantages to the new formulation. First, coordinate evolution is naturally embedded in a massively parallel(More)
We present a massively parallel algorithm for computing radiosity in a scene containing an isotropic scattering medium of high albedo. The algorithm is based on a new formalism: a coordinate evolution on the set of light rays in the scene. The evolution reparameterizes rays from their points of origin to their points of termination. Local coordinate systems(More)
The haematopoietic system is sensitive to cytotoxic damage and is often the site of dose-limiting toxicity. We previously reported that swainsonine, an inhibitor of protein glycosylation, reduced the bone marrow toxicity resulting from a single dose of anticancer drugs in otherwise healthy mice. However, more important questions are (1) can swainsonine(More)
Video must now be considered as a precious tool for learning surgery. However, the medium does present production challenges, and currently, quality movies are not always accessible. We developed a series of 7 surgical videos and made them available on a publicly accessible internet website. Our videos have been viewed by thousands of people worldwide.(More)
Application des techniques d'imagerie médicale à la chirurgie implantaire en cancérologie Evaluation de systèmes de repositionnement non invasifs d'aide à la chirurgie implantaire en cancérologie Pour avoir accepté la présidence de notre jury et pour votre immense savoir, recevez l'expression de notre profond respect. Pour votre honnêteté et votre(More)
The goals of mandibular distraction are to restore a normal length but also a normal shape to the hypoplastic mandible. These two goals are related to the elongation vector which is itself related to the location of the cortictomy and of the device. Other factors influence this elongation vector. So it is impossible to precisely predict the elongation(More)