Pierre Bourdin

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Immersive virtual reality can be used to visually substitute a person's real body by a life-sized virtual body (VB) that is seen from first person perspective. Using real-time motion capture the VB can be programmed to move synchronously with the real body (visuomotor synchrony), and also virtual objects seen to strike the VB can be felt through(More)
We built a Collaborative Virtual Environment (CVE) allowing one person, the 'visitor' to be digitally transported to a remote destination to interact with local people there. This included full body tracking, vibrotactile feedback and voice. This allowed interactions in the same CVE between multiple people situated in different physical remote locations.(More)
It has been shown that an illusion of ownership over an artificial limb or even an entire body can be induced in people through multisensory stimulation, providing evidence that the surrogate body is the person’s actual body. Such body ownership illusions (BOIs) have been shown to occur with virtual bodies, mannequins, and humanoid robots. In this study, we(More)
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