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This paper presents some practical issues of a joint project between Gemplus and ONERA. In this approach, a smart card issuer can verify that a new applet securely interacts with already loaded applets. A security policy has been defined that associates levels to applet attributes and methods and defines authorized flows between levels. We propose a(More)
AIRBUS and ONERA used the AltaRica formal language and associated tools to perform safety assessments. Lessons learnt during the study of an electrical and hydraulic system are presented. AIRBUS and ONERA were recently involved in the ESACS (Enhanced Safety Assessment for Complex Systems) European project. This project aimed at developing safety assessment(More)
Safety assessment of complex systems traditionally requires the combination of various results derived from various models. The Al-tarica language was designed to formally specify the behaviour of systems when faults occurs. A unique Altarica model can be assessed by means of complementary tools such as fault tree generator and model-checker. This paper(More)
The next generation of IMA platforms should include reconfiguration capabilities in order to limit the effect of hardware failures on aircraft operational reliability. In this paper, we investigate architecture principles for such platforms and propose adequate reconfiguration services. A preliminary analysis of the design feasibility and its contribution(More)
The ASSERT European Integrated Project (Automated proof-based System and Software Engineering for Real-Time systems; EC FP6, IST-004033) has investigated, elaborated and experimented advanced methods based on the AltaRica language and support tool OCAS for architecture and fault approach propagation description analysis, and integrated in the complete(More)
This paper presents an approach enabling a smart card is-suer to verify that a new applet securely interacts with already down-loaded applets. A security policy has been deened that associates levels to applet attributes and methods and deenes authorized ows between levels. We propose a technique based on model checking to verify that actual information ows(More)
This paper aims at presenting methods and tools that are developed in the ISAAC project (Improvement of Safety Activities on Aeronautical Complex Systems, www.isaac-fp6.org), a European Community funded project, to support the safety assessment of complex embedded systems. The ISAAC methodology proposes to base as much of the safety analyses as is feasibly(More)