Pierre Baruch

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The local effects of various concentrations of L-glutamate (from 10(-8) M up to 10(-3) M) on the release of [3H]dopamine synthesized continuously from [3H]tyrosine were examined in the caudate nucleus of halothane-anaesthetized cats implanted with push-pull cannulae. When used at a concentration of 10(-8) M or 10(-7) M, L-glutamate stimulated the release of(More)
The importance of the cognitive component in depressive clinical psychomotor retardation is well-recognized, but the underlying information-processing dysfunction has not been precisely investigated. Thirty unmedicated major depressives were concurrently assessed using the Depressive Retardation Rating Scale (DRRS) and an attentional battery in order to(More)
Cognitive impairments in depression have recently been proposed as secondary to more basic attentional disturbances. Studies have shown that performance on the Stroop Color-Word Test is impaired in depressives, but it is not clear whether this impairment reflects a primary distractor inhibition disturbance or a more global cognitive dysfunction, such as a(More)
Performance on the Stroop Color-Word Test is impaired in depression, but it is not clear whether this impairment reflects a distractor inhibition disturbance or a reduction of processing resources. In this study, untreated major depressives were evaluated using a modified computerized Stroop Test composed of three tasks: to name the color of XXXXXs, of(More)
Recent illustrations by cerebral magnetic resonance imaging of anomalies of the corpus callosum in schizophrenics have kindled renewed interest in this association. We studied 62 patients affected by the Andermann syndrome, a polymalformative familial syndrome combining frequent congenital corpus callosum agenesis, mental retardation, psychotic episodes,(More)
BACKGROUND Apart from ageing, the factors associated with vulnerability to the emergence of tardive dyskinesia are poorly defined. METHOD Risk factors associated with the presence of a chronic choreic or dystonic disorder were assessed in a cross-sectional comparison of anamnestic and clinical data in a homogeneous group of 64 young psychotic patients(More)
Numerous striatal neurons innervating the substantia nigra contain substance P and/or neurokinin A. In contrast to substance P or neurokinin A, little neurokinin B is found in the substantia nigra. This led us to compare the effects of nigral application of these tachykinins on the release of dopamine from dendrites and nerve terminals of nigrostriatal(More)
Tardive dyskinesia (TD) has been associated with cognitive deficits, especially in older psychiatric patients on neuroleptic medication. This study investigated the relationship between presence of TD, organic brain dysfunction (OBD), and cognitive deficits in young psychiatric outpatients maintained on minimal doses of oral neuroleptics, with(More)