Pierre Barritault

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In microarrays experiments, a serious limitation is the unreliability of low signal intensities data and the lack of reproducibility for the resulting ratios between samples and controls. Most of the light emitted by a fluorophore at the air/glass interface of a glass slide is absorbed by the glass so just a part of the emitted fluorescence is detected. To(More)
We present a polarized goniofluorimeter designed to measure the observation-angle and polarization-dependent intensity emitted by a group of surface-bound fluorescent molecules. We studied two types of surface bonding: In one case, dyes were adsorbed into the surface by spin coating, and in the other, dyes were covalently immobilized to DNA strands.(More)
We describe a near-field apertureless fluorescence microscope, capable of imaging fluorescent latex beads with subwavelength precision. The instrument is based on a home-built tapping-mode atomic-force microscope (AFM), to which an inverted optical microscope was added. The fact that the wavelength of the fluorescence that we observe is different from the(More)
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