Pierre Barralon

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This study is included in the framework of Health Smart Homes which monitor some physiological or not physiological parameters of elderly people living independently at home. In this study we will focus on the walk detection. Walk activity is one parameter to evaluate the health of patient. For example, the total time of walk during a day allows assessing(More)
We developed a novel wearable tactile display system as an alternative to the visual and audio displays routinely used by anesthesiologists to monitor patients in the operating room (OR). Visual displays and auditory alarms can be distracting or insufficient in their alarm transmission whereas a tactile display, which utilizes the sense of touch, can act as(More)
OBJECTIVE Vibrotactile display technology represents an innovative method to communicate vital information on patients from physiological monitoring devices to clinicians. The increasing number of sensors used in clinical practice has increased the amount of information required to be communicated, overwhelming the capacity of visual and auditory displays.(More)
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