Pierre Barbier De Reuille

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The lifespan of plants ranges from a few weeks in annuals to thousands of years in trees. It is hard to explain such extreme longevity considering that DNA replication errors inevitably cause mutations. Without purging through meiotic recombination, the accumulation of somatic mutations will eventually result in mutational meltdown, a phenomenon known as(More)
The active transport of the plant hormone auxin plays a major role in the initiation of organs at the shoot apex. Polar localized membrane proteins of the PIN1 family facilitate this transport and recent observations suggest that auxin maxima created by these proteins are at the basis of organ initiation. This hypothesis is based on the visual, qualitative(More)
Leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana bear trichomes, or hairs, which are spaced in an approximately regular pattern on their adaxial side. Trichome cells differentiate in the fast-growing basal part of the leaf and do not divide. The regular spacing of trichomes is controlled by cell-to-cell interactions (Larkin et al., 1997). We created simulation models of(More)
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