Pierre Baillargeon

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Intrusion detection systems (IDS) have become widely used tools for ensuring system and network security. Among many other challenges, contemporary IDS have to cope with increasingly higher bandwidths, which sometimes force them to let some data go by without being checked for possible malicious activity. This paper presents a novel method to improve the(More)
Purpose – The purpose is to enhance the capabilities of a general-purpose IDS solution with additional knowledge of multimedia file formats and protocols, to better handle multimedia-specific security exploits. Design/methodology/approach – The authors have designed a multimedia traffic classifier, implemented as an optional preprocessor for Snort. The(More)
The synthesis of four C(n) symmetric macrocyclic lactams cyclo-[NH-CH(2)-CH=CH-CH(2)-CO](n) (1, n=2; 2, n=3; 3, n=4) and cyclo-[NH-CH(2)-CH(2)-CH=CH-CO](3) (4) has been achieved by two approaches. A linear route leads to precursors that are subsequently macrocyclized in a separate step. The second, convergent approach relies on the symmetry of the targets:(More)
The crystal structures of tert-butyl (5-chloro-penta-2,4-diyn-1-yl)carbamate, C10H12ClNO2 (II), and tert-butyl (5-iodo-penta-2,4-diyn-1-yl)carbamate, C10H12INO2 (IV), are isomorphous to previously reported structures and accordingly their mol-ecular and supra-molecular structures are similar. In the crystals of (II) and (IV), mol-ecules are linked into very(More)
A novel very simple C3-symmetric lactam has been rationally designed to self-assemble as dimers or larger platonic solid capsules. Its core flat benzene ring bears three seven-membered lactams, resulting in tripod molecules that aggregate into robust tetrameric capsules. The self-assembly process was templated by tetraethylammonium cations and proven to be(More)
Adolescents living in youth centers often comply with therapeutic treatment against their will. We think that this forced environment ruptures the therapeutic alliance between adolescents and their therapists and, as such, influences the therapeutic results. It has been reported, however, that therapies evoking rupture of the alliance with its later(More)
Isomorphous crystals of two diacetylene derivatives with carbamate functionality (BocNH-CH2-diyne-X, where X = H or Br) have been obtained. The main feature of these structures is the original 2D arrangement (as supramolecular sheets or walls) in which the H bond and halogen bond have a prominent effect on the whole architecture. The two diacetylene(More)
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