Pierre Avanzini

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—To address traffic saturation in cities, new " Urban Transportation Systems " , based on electric vehicles in free-access, are in developing. One necessary functionality of such systems is their ability to move in a platoon fashion. A global decentralized platoon control strategy, supported by inter-vehicle communications, is addressed in this paper,(More)
— Various " Urban Transportation Systems " are currently in developing, in order to put forward solutions to congestion and pollution in dense areas. Autonomous electric vehicles in free-access can be seen as an attractive approach, in view of the large flexibility that can be expected. One instrumental functionality linked to this solution is platoon(More)
—Environment, sustainable development as well as new transportation service emergence in urban areas are major concerns. Consequently, studies are currently intended to automate electric vehicles designed for applications in free access. An additional functionality that appears very attractive is vehicle platooning. In order to avoid oscillations within the(More)
— This paper deals with platooning navigation in the context of innovative solutions for urban transportation systems. More precisely, the case of a manually driven vehicle leading a convoy of automated ones is considered. Vehicle localization relies solely on monocular vision: a 3D map of the environment is built beforehand from reference video sequences,(More)
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