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Cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia (pseudolymphoma) on tattoo is rare. The diagnosis is histological. We report a case of cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia within the red ink of a tattoo found on a 35-year-old man presenting multiple infiltrated nodules confined to the red areas of his tattoo, which he had done 2 months ago. The pathological examination showed a(More)
BACKGROUND The Baboon syndrome is a form of systemic contact dermatitis. We report the case of a patient who presented a Baboon syndrom following oral medication with betamethasone. CASE REPORT A 58 year-old man had consulted for eczema involving the groin, the buttocks and the axillae. It was clinically a baboon syndrome related to oral betamethasone(More)
Over a period of 19 months, 33 cases of acute allergic contact dermatitis from Veet epilating waxes and/or the accompanying tissue (Reckitt Benckiser, Massy, France) were observed in France and Belgium. The lesions started on the legs and spread to other parts of the body, especially the face, and were sometimes so severe that hospitalization and/or(More)
OBJECTIVE To report a case of bullous eruption at and far from the site of aciclovir injection. CASE REPORT A 50-year-old man was treated with intravenous aciclovir for Herpes simplex meningoencephalitis. Ten days after treatment onset, blisters appeared on his right forearm, at and far from the site of aciclovir injection. DISCUSSION This adverse(More)
INTRODUCTION The protection of children from sun exposure appears inadequate. We assessed the knowledge of pre-teenagers, before and after they attended a training session on sun exposure. This investigation was carried out in Orléans and in 5 surrounding cities, from September 2000 to April 2002. MATERIAL AND METHODS A didactic slide show on sun exposure(More)
INTRODUCTION We report an original case of dermatomyositis associated with neoplasia, which initial clinical expression was erythroderma and multiple cutaneous necrosis. OBSERVATION A 64-year-old patient was admitted at hospital for erythroderma. He had a diffuse and inflammatory erythema with thrill, periorbital oedema, periungueal telangiectasia and(More)
INTRODUCTION Bazex paraneoplastic acrokeratosis remains a therapeutic challenge when the cancer cannot be treated. We report the third patient in which a complete clearance of the lesions was obtained with oral acitretine. CASE REPORT A 67 year-old patient had Bazex paraneoplastic acrokeratosis. Despite a complete cancer screening, no cancer was found. A(More)
BACKGROUND We describe two severe cases of polymorphic eruption of pregnancy associated with dyshidrosis and purpuric lesions. CASE-REPORT Two patients, primigravida at 35 and 34 weeks of amenorrhea, were admitted in our department for a severe and itchy eruption. In the first case, some papular lesions were particularly concentrated on the abdominal(More)