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Transscleral freezing of the dogs retina for 2 seconds icas done experimentally and demonstrated ophthalmoscopically and histologically. The residling lesion was studied from the instant of freezing to the stage of final healing. Attempts were made to alter the lesion by methods known to affect the freezing of live tissue. The Cooper-Linde cryoprobe was(More)
Progressive evolution of retinal vascular in diabetic retinopathy leads to blindness in up to 8,000 patients yearly. The major purpose of this investigation was to determine proton radiation dose response of the eye's retinal vascu-lature in the hypergalactosemia induced rat model of diabetic-like retinopathy and gain insight of possible role of proton(More)
Dam break flow modelling is a major field of research. In order to enable risk analysis in the downstream valleys of dams, 2D numerical simulations are of prime interest. These are based on the conservative set of shallow water equations. Beyond their numerical implementation, the challenge of the computation relies on the ability to handle very huge sets(More)
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