Pierre Alessandrini

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PURPOSE Mastermind-like domain containing 1 (MAMLD1) is a causative gene for the fetal development of male external genitalia. Almost 10% of patients with both severe and non-severe hypospadias exhibit mutations of MAMLD1. The aim of this work was to determine whether polymorphisms of MAMLD1 are a genetic risk factor for hypospadias. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the incidence, nature, and management of associated ipsilateral genitourinary malformations in children with multicystic dysplastic kidney (MCDK). METHODS In this retrospective study, we analyzed the medical records and imaging studies of 93 patients with MCDK. Patients underwent ultrasonography, voiding cystourethrography,(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this prospective, randomized, blinded study was to compare analgesic efficacy of continuous paravertebral and epidural analgesia for post-thoracotomy pain. METHODS Forty-two ASA physical status II-III patients undergoing lung resection surgery were randomly allocated to receive post-thoracotomy analgesia with either a thoracic(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous studies have focused on the association between endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and hypospadias. Phenotype variability, the absence of representative comparison groups and concomitant genetic testing prevent any definitive conclusions. OBJECTIVE To identify the role of occupational and environmental exposures to EDCs in(More)
OBJECTIVES We evaluated functional outcome of kidneys with fetal urinoma associated to ureteropelvic junction obstruction. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed 5 cases of antenatally diagnosed urinoma associated to hydronephrosis. Prenatal imaging work-up consisted of ultrasound (US) and magnetic resonance (MR) examination. Differential renal function was(More)
BACKGROUND Androgens are critical in male external genital development. Alterations in the androgen sensitivity pathway have been identified in severely undermasculinized boys, and mutations of the androgen receptor gene (AR) are usually found in partial or complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS). OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine(More)
Transmesocolic hernias are extremely rare. Their exact incidence is still unknown. A strangulated hernia through a mesocolic opening is a rare operative finding. Preoperative diagnosis still is difficult in spite of imaging techniques currently available. This is the case of a 4-month-old boy with transmesocolic internal hernia and coincident intestinal(More)
OBJECTIVE In order to determine the effectiveness of imagery in the assessment of the severity of histological lesions in duplex systems in children we compared histology results from heminephrectomies with diagnosis imaging findings [renal ultrasound (US), scintigraphy, unenhanced and contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imagery (MRI)]. MATERIALS AND(More)
17 centers answered an inquiry on the endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteral reflux. 844 children were reviewed representing 1,290 ureters treated by endoscopic injection of Teflon. The first results in cases of primary or secondary reflux showed a success rate of 82.3%. All authors report low morbidity and excellent tolerance of this technique. In view of(More)