Pierre Albert

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For differences among materials to be easily detected, low variation in in vitro wear tests is desirable. The working hypothesis of this paper was that antagonists standardized for shape and size and according to materials would show mean values similar to those found in natural, non-standardized cusps, and that standardization would lead to a reduction in(More)
Chromosomes of the brooding species Lasaea consanguinea were studied as part of a general invertigation of evolutionary genetics of antarctic bivalve species. Laseid species are of particular interest because they are widely distributed geographically, they inhabit the high intertidal zone, and they may reproduce apomictically. The diploid number of(More)
We present an experimental study of the complete in-plane dynamics of capillary self-alignment. The two translational (shift) and single rotational (twist) in-plane modes of square millimetric transparent dies bridged to shape-matching receptor sites through a liquid meniscus were selectively excited by preset initial offsets. The entire self-alignment(More)
Gallium liquid metal joints are described as an alternative to higher melting point tin-or lead-based solder joints in flip chip packages. A complete assembly process is described, including the bumping process with the electrodeposition of gallium on corrosion resistant bonding pad, a low-temperature and low bonding force chip joining process with a HCl(More)
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