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Flumazenil is a specific antagonist of the central benzodiazepine receptor (CBZR). Labelled with11C, this compound is the reference radioligand for positron emission tomography (PET) study of the CBZR in humans and primates. The time-course of [11C]-flumazenil radioactivity and its main acid metabolite [11C] Ro 15-3890 were reconstructed from the(More)
INTRODUCTION Five-year following total hip implantation femur adaptive morphology was compared between two groups differing only in their femoral stem design. MATERIAL AND METHODS Group 1, recruited prospectively, included 51 Dédicace stems(Stryker-Howmedica) and group 2, retrospectively matched to group 1, comprised 51 Kerboull MK3 stems(More)
INTRODUCTION The level of activity of patients older than 70 years is tending to increase, as are their expectations in terms of joint function recuperation. It has not been proven that rotator cuff repair healing is satisfactory in the elderly. The main hypothesis of this study was: repair of supraspinous lesions in patients older than 70 years is reliable(More)
INTRODUCTION Arthroscopic repair of rotator cuff tears leads to better clinical outcomes than subacromial decompression alone; however the former is rarely proposed to patients above 70 years of age. Our hypothesis was that arthroscopic repair would be superior to decompression in patient 70 years or older. The primary goal was to compare the clinical(More)
We optimised the working parameters of an innovative air spinning device to produce nanofibrous polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering applications. Scanning electron microscopy was performed on the fibre scaffolds which were then used to identify various scaffold morphologies based on the ratio of surface occupied by the polymer fibres on that covered by(More)
Compliance to examinations performed in a specialised department was studied in patients with chronic open-angle glaucoma. A total of 429 case reports from patients treated from 1974 to 1977 were analyzed, follow up being for a period of up to 7 years. Examinations were performed two or three times a year and any patient who didn't return for two(More)
BACKGROUND The management of posterior shoulder instability remains controversial. Consequently, for a symposium on this topic, the French Arthroscopy Society (SFA) conducted a prospective multicentre study comparing outcomes of operative and non-operative treatment. OBJECTIVE To compare outcomes after operative versus non-operative treatment of posterior(More)
Anterior hip pain in young adult (20 to 50) has two main causes: secondary osteo-arthritis on development dysplasia of the hip, and femoro-acetabular impigement (FAI). This symposium had two parts: the first one analyses long-term results of non-prosthetic surgery (283 osteotomies and shelfs at 15 years FU). The second part concerned the different syndromes(More)
Sixty patients with open angle chronic glaucoma (O.A.C.G.)(31 men, 29 women), 102 eyes, have been treated and followed two or three times a year for a period of three to eight years in Hôpital Saint-Joseph - Paris. Patients have been divided into two groups: group A: 58 eyes treated for at least three years by timolol associated or not with an other(More)
In 13 cases of Posner Schlossmann Syndrome, the authors have performed a systematic and full allergologic investigation. They were able to demonstrate in all cases an atopic constitution. The immunity tests in vivo associated with a rhinomanometric inhalation of the responsible allergen have shown positive responses to the pneumallergens and to the(More)