Pierre A. Friele

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The Mount Meager volcanic complex in southern British Columbia is snow and ice covered and has steep glaciated and unstable slopes of hydrothermally altered volcanic deposits. Three large-volume (>108 m3) volcanic debris flow deposits derived from the Mount Meager volcanic complex have been identified. The volcanic debris flows travelled at least 30 km(More)
An important paradigm in geomorphology is paraglacial sedimentation, a phrase first used almost 40 years ago to describe reworking of glacial sediment by mass wasting and streams during and after continental-scale deglaciation. The concept has been extended to include nonglacial landforms and landscapes conditioned by glaciation. In this paper we apply the(More)
The mating, egg-laying, and larval development of tailed frogs occur in dynamic mountain streams. During the lengthy (up to 5 years) aquatic residency these species are vulnerable to channel disturbances that can be exacerbated by land uses. Researchers have highlighted specific tailed frog habitat associations but never in the context of fluvial system(More)
A large rock avalanche occurred at 03:27:30 PDT, 6 August 2010, in the Mount Meager Volcanic Complex southwest British Columbia. The landslide initiated as a rock slide in Pleistocene rhyodacitic volcanic rock with the collapse of the secondary peak of Mount Meager. The detached rock mass impacted the volcano’s weathered and saturated flanks, creating a(More)
Abstract-Two case studies are presented where GPR was used as the chief investigative tool to understand the underlying cause for road failures as they relate to fill slope stability in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. 1, Bridge River Road: GPR was applied to map the depth of volcanic ash under a 800 m long section of the Bridge River forest(More)
As the November torrential rains swept over coastal British Columbia, heralding the more reactive winter field season, I began to think about landslide hazards. Geoscientists are routinely asked to try to accurately identify hazard and risk based on limited knowledge. On the surface this appears to be a straight forward task, more realistically however, it(More)
Georisk: Assessment and Management of Risk for Engineered Systems and Geohazards Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information: http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/title~content=t744347545 Hazard and risk from large landslides from Mount Meager volcano, British Columbia, Canada Pierre Friele a; Matthias Jakob b; John(More)
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