Pierpaolo Vittorini

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BACKGROUND On 6 April 2009, an earthquake occurred in Abruzzo, a small region in the middle-east of Italy. Its chief town, L'Aquila, was the epicenter. We carried out an observational analysis to evaluate the potential association between the earthquake and the rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular admissions of the residents in the province of(More)
The eXtensible markup language (XML) is a metalanguage which is useful to represent and exchange data between heterogeneous systems. XML may enable healthcare practitioners to document, monitor, evaluate, and archive medical information and services into distributed computer environments. Therefore, the most recent proposals on electronic health records(More)
Text comprehension skills and strategies develop enormously from the age of 7-8 until the age of 11, when children advance as independent readers. Nowadays, more and more young children turn out to be poor (text) compre-henders: they demonstrate text comprehension difficulties, related to inference-making skills, despite proficiency in word decoding and(More)
TERENCE is an FP7 ICT European project that is developing an adaptive learning system for supporting poor comprehenders and their educators. Its learning material are books of stories and games. The so-called smart games serve to stimulate the story comprehension. This paper focuses on the analysis of flat stories with a specific annotation language and the(More)
To respond to the need for interoperable information systems in public health, several proposals based on XML-related technologies are currently available. For instance, the CDA [8] is an architecture developed by the HL7 organization for representing and managing clinical documents, while the PHIN [12] is a CDC infrastructure whose aim is to automatically(More)
Currently, large efforts are spent to develop standards and architectures useful to achieve more effective interoperability among medical information systems. Despite such efforts, there are no researches produced so far to directly analyse, with statistical methods, biomedical data represented as eXtensible Markup Language (XML) documents. Thus, the paper(More)
Permission to copy in whole or part without payment of fee is granted for non-profit educational and research purposes provided that all such whole or partial copies include the following: a notice that such copying is by permission of the KRDB an acknowledgement of the authors and individual contributors to the work; all applicable portions of this(More)
In the US, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has produced has increased the permeability of the computer science technologies, in order to achieve a better and more efficient management of health care data. In this context, the present paper proposes a discussion regarding a web-based information system, called EPIweb. This system allows(More)