Piero Triverio

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This paper presents a strategy for the construction of parameterized linear macromodels from tabulated port responses. These macromodels are able to reproduce the input-output behavior of the structure of interest both in terms of frequency and one or more design variables such as geometry and material parameters. A highly efficient combination of rational(More)
We present a robust and efficient scheme for the generation of delay-based macromodels from frequency-domain tabulated responses. These responses can come from both simulation or direct measurement. The main algorithm is based on an iterative weighted least-squares process for the identification of delayed rational approximations. In case that pole(More)
The self-consistency of frequency responses obtained via numerical simulations or measurements is of paramount importance in the analysis and design of linear systems. In particular, tabulated responses with flaws and causality violations have been demonstrated to be the root cause for numerical problems and unreliability in modeling and simulation tasks.(More)
Modern packaging design requires extensive signal integrity simulations in order to assess the electrical performance of the system. The feasibility of such simulations is granted only when accurate and efficient models are available for all system parts and components having a significant influence on the signals. Unfortunately, model derivation is still a(More)
This paper introduces a new macromodeling algorithm for electrically long interconnects. This technique starts from frequency-domain scattering data and produces compact macromodels based on multiple delay extraction and rational approximations. The proposed model structure significantly reduces model complexity and simulation time with respect to standard(More)
We introduce a robust algorithm for the qualification of tabulated frequency data representing the port responses of a linear subsystem. This algorithm is aimed at the verification that frequency responses obtained via full-wave electromagnetic simulation or from direct measurement of some interconnect structure are self-consistent and causal before they(More)
This paper presents a general strategy for the electrical performance and signal integrity assessment of electrically long multichip links. A black-box time-domain macromodel is first derived from tabulated frequency responses in scattering form. This model is structured as a combination of ideal delay terms with frequency-dependent rational coefficients. A(More)
We present an efficient algorithm for the generation of passive parametric macromodels from impedance, admittance, or scattering frequency samples. The model formulation includes design variables in symbolic form and guarantees stability, causality, and passivity by construction. Model accuracy and efficiency are superior to previous solutions, because of a(More)
We present a new algorithm for generating passive parametric models of microwave devices from their sampled scattering responses. The proposed formulation supports a parameterization of model poles and preserves the stability and passivity of the original device for any parameter value. These combined features lead to significant improvements with respect(More)
This paper introduces a new scheme for the identification of multivariate behavioral macromodels from tabulated frequency-domain data. The method produces closed-form parametric expressions that reproduce with excellent accuracy the external port behavior of the structure, both as function of frequency and one or more external parameters. The numerical(More)