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Phosphocreatine-Mg-complex acetate (PCr-Mg-CPLX) is a creatine-derived compound that in previous in vitro research was able to increase neuronal creatine independently of the creatine transporter, thus providing hope to cure the hereditary syndrome of creatine transporter deficiency. In previous research we showed that it reproduces in vitro the known(More)
The effect of a strenuous treadmill exercise on body stability and the mechanisms associated with it have been studied with two different experimental protocols. The former investigation was based on stabilometric and metabolic measurements performed in basal condition and after a strenuous treadmill exercise whilst the latter dealt with the study of the(More)
BACKGROUND Action observation influences motor performance in healthy subjects and persons with motor impairments. OBJECTIVE To understand the effects of action observation on the spontaneous rate of finger movements in patients with Parkinson disease (PD). METHODS Participants, 20 with PD and 14 healthy controls, were randomly divided into 2 groups.(More)
Several investigations suggest that actual and mental actions trigger similar neural substrates. Motor learning via physical practice results in long-term potentiation (LTP)-like plasticity processes, namely potentiation of M1 and a temporary occlusion of additional LTP-like plasticity. However, whether this neuroplasticity process contributes to improve(More)
The present study tested whether and how motor experience with a specific tool affects motor representation of a specific movement. To this aim, we considered a group of expert tennis players and a control group of athletic individuals without tennis experience. Participants were asked to execute 20 single forehands into the wall with a tennis racket(More)
Anoles are a clade of iguanian lizards that underwent an extensive radiation between 125 and 65 million years ago. Their karyotypes show wide variation in diploid number spanning from 26 (Anolis evermanni) to 44 (A. insolitus). This chromosomal variation involves their sex chromosomes, ranging from simple systems (XX/XY), with heterochromosomes represented(More)
PURPOSE To explore seizure outcome after surgery for focal epilepsy due to malformation of cortical development (MCD), with focus on the role of MRI. METHODS Thirty-five patients who had surgery for intractable focal epilepsy due to MCD identified by preoperative MRI and confirmed by histopathologic analysis of resected tissue were studied. Patients were(More)
Intracerebroventricular (ICV) administration of creatine increased cerebral phosphocreatine in normal rats by 67%, the highest increase so far reported in an in vivo model. We used osmotic minipumps (Alzet, Palo Alto, CA, USA) to administer creatine, 0.5 mM, to the lateral ventricle at the rate of 10 microl/h for 3 days. Brain phosphocreatine in(More)
Motor imagery (MI) is the ability to imagine performing a movement without executing it. In literature, there have been numerous reports on the influence of MI on motor practice and the beneficial effects of "mental practice" on the physical performance has been suggested to rely to the close temporal association between motor rehearsal and actual(More)