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This paper describes a new real-time urban monitoring system. The system uses the Localizing and Handling Network Event Systems (LocHNESs) platform developed by Telecom Italia for the real-time evaluation of urban dynamics based on the anonymous monitoring of mobile cellular networks. In addition, data are supplemented based on the instantaneous positioning(More)
There is evidence that the overproduction of apoB-100-containing lipoproteins by the liver is the underlying event in some forms of dyslipoproteinemia. This metabolic status is associated to an increased risk of developing premature coronary artery disease CAD. The conclusions from previous studies suggested that the availability to the hepatocytes of(More)
– Identification and authentication procedures are really important aspects when talking about payments. Nowadays, credit and debit cards are the target for thieves since they can be easily cloned. One of the main fraud sources is represented by the Point Of Sale, the well-known POS. The paper describes an innovative payment system studied, developed and(More)
Paper will give a systematic idea of finding out pen drive location with the help of mobile GPS. It will require a circuit-containing sensor will give position in terms of latitude and longitude. Now place Barcode on the pen drive so that pen drive will have certain number is used to identify that pen drive. Barcode placed on that pen drive is read using(More)
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